Warum wir Neymar keine Dreadlocks gemacht hätten

10 Jan Warum wir Neymar keine Dreadlocks gemacht hätten

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2018 ended with news which made quite an impact on sports world. Brazilian footballer Neymar decided to change again his look and this time he chose to wear dreadlocks.

So far everything normal, because with his constants look changes, it was only a matter of time the turn of the dreadlocks. Of course, we must infer from this that wearing dreadlocks is already a fairly normalized hairstyle, which has managed to leave behind (at least in most people) that image of dirty, careless and unhygienic hairstyle. All right!

The Brazilian player decided to get dreadlocks with extensions, so that his dreads would look longer. Well advised by his hairdresser, he chose extensions of synthetic hair, since they are lighter (also cheaper, although we don’t think that was something to be taken into account by Neymar) and are an advantage for professional athletes like him, who have in speed one of his strengths.

Neymar Fútbol Rastas Dreads PSG

© Jean Catuffe (GETTY IMAGES)

The problem came in January of this 2019 when in the Cup match that faced his team, Paris Saint Germain, against the GSI Pontivy, Neymar lost 3 of his blonde dreadlocks. Automatically websites of the most important sport newspapers and social networks were filled with news and comments saying that dreadlocks are not good for playing football, reaffirmed these opinions by the picture that Neymar himself shared in the Stories of his Instagram account (@Neymarjr), in which he photographed the 3 fallen extensions and seemed to be saying goodbye to all his dreadlocks with a „See you later!“. We already imagined that this dreadlocks‘ love story couldn’t be long lasting love.

But is this true? Are dreadlocks not adequate for football?

Well, obviously it’s not true, and there are some more than remarkable examples of great football players (Gullit, Larsson or Beckerman, to comment only 3 players with dreadlocks and also international with their national teams) that have been wearing dreadlocks much of their career.

So what is the problem? Patience.

This is a problem that we often find, when people with very short hair comes to us to get dreadlocks and we tell him or her that unfortunately the hair isn’t yet long enough to become dreadlocks, since they would be very short and could open, or in case they want extensions, these could fall out. Did you hear this story before?

Right! This has happened to Neymar!

If we look at one of the pictures that the soccer player took to his Instagram account a few days before getting dreadlocks, we can see more or less how long his hair was.

Neymar rastas dreads dreadlocks

© Neymar Jr. (INSTAGRAM)

We can appreciate in this picture that his hair’s length is about 5 or 6 cm, what is very (but very) short to be able to connect the extensions safely to the dreadlocks, whether synthetic or natural hair. We could say that it’s a death certificate, since in 90% of cases these extensions will fall out. And that’s leaving a more or less normal life, because if we put ourselves in the shoes of a football player, who runs, sweats, rolls around on the floor and get sometimes some hair pulls, you can go home happy if this time only lost 3 extensions, honestly.

Being really sorry,  if Neymar would asked us to get dreadlocks, we would say him no, and that he must wait until his hair is at least 10 or 12 cm long, to be sure that his dreadextensions won’t fall out. In the „Frequently Asked Questions“ section of our website you can find more information about this.

We have no doubt that his hairdresser warned him about it, but of course, we already know that the „I want it all and I want it now“ is something difficult to manage and we assume that he would make Neymar sign in blood the release of any responsibility if the dreadlocks fall out.

Anyway, we hope that Neymar has patience and let the hair grow a little more, so he can wear dreadlocks for many seasons.

The jogo bonito is more beautiful with dreadlocks.

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